A framework for data analytics best practices, team structure, and more.

Analytics is essential in making sense of ever-growing mountains of data. Data analysts risk getting lost in this increasingly treacherous terrain without a destination and direction. Action Analytics is a framework that provides this clear destination and direction, namely to change actions. While this may sound simple at first, it leads to a number of useful and uncommon best practices for data analysts and decision makers.

Thought Experiment

Imagine analytics done “perfectly”: every split of data being ready before anyone even asks; user behavior modeled with high accuracy; dashboards updated in real-time; beautiful one-off reports prepared for investors; revenue projected with almost…

User-facing artificial intelligence (AI) can delight users, but it can also infuriate users in unexpected ways. The key for creators of AI (data scientists, engineers, product managers, and designers) is to not fail to meet the user’s expectation that AI has all-knowing superhuman abilities. Some common tactics are: 1. Don’t be wrong, 2. Let the user help, 3. Keep it simple, 4. Help the user understand, 5. Avoid encouraging detrimental behavior, and lastly 6. Give users a reason to care.

Ex Machina

AI and machine learning are amazing technologies that can be an integral part of products that users love when designed…

Brandt Belson

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